What’s A Voiceover Award Really Worth?

The UK’s biggest voiceover awards ceremony, The One Voice Awards took place last weekend.


How fantastic it was to get so many voiceovers, voice actors in the same room together, and how nice it was to be all glammed up, give each other big hugs and high fives (remember those things?!?) and to just celebrate our amazing industry.


Lots of well dones and congratulations going around as 31 awards were given out, big congratulations to all the winners. No doubt there must have been a few people sitting around clapping as they watched someone else win a category they were nominated in.


I’ve been on both sides of the coin as I’ve been nominated and not won, and I’ve also been nominated and won.  I didn’t win my category this year but the knowledge that by being nominated I am in the top 4% of voiceovers in the UK is good enough for me, and there’s always next year of course.


But let’s get to the question in hand… What is a voiceover award really worth? And what’s the point of it?


Confirmation, affirmation, marketing, or is it all ego?


For starters it’s a good measure of how you stack up against your peers and colleagues, and it can give you an indication as to what level or standard you are currently at. It’s also a chance to big up the people you worked with, the agents, producers, editors, production houses, engineers, sound designers etc.


I’ve spoken to quite a few producers who told me an award means nothing to them! They’re not bothered how many awards the voiceactor has won, they still want to put you to the test and see how you fit what they want or need irrespective of your accolades. And then there’s others who say seeing the badge or award logo on a VOs site has made the decision for them, because it serves as validation to them (or other potential buyers) that you are top notch and can do the job. It’s horses for courses I guess.


Winning a voice acting award is great and certainly is a boost, but anyone who thinks that alone will lead you directly to the path of millions needs a reality check. It ain’t gonna happen! It may help get your name further out there, get you noticed, and make your standing rise, but there’s still a lot you’re going to have to do to continue to build on that momentum.


People just aren’t going to remember you long term, so it’s up to you to help them keep you in mind. Used as a marketing tool an award can create a ripple effect for your business, and also serve as motivation to you as you have that satisfaction your work is being recognised.


We do this job for love, passion, career, business, achievement, but also to pay the bills, as well as put food on the table and you can’t dine out on winning an award for very long, if at all.


I mean there are fantastic voice overs who have never entered for an awards before, or those who simply never would. Not for any particular reason but perhaps it’s not just their cup of tea, or others might just not like awards, or deem it all to be a bit self-indulgent. And winning awards is not the be all and end all of it, as those who enter or win may not be making anywhere near the amount of money compared to some that do not enter.


But whatever your take on it there’s no right or wrong as it’s a free country, and each can do as they please. But there was something magical about last weekend because being a voiceover artist is a solitary and often lonely job on a normal day of the week, let alone during recent times.


After what we’ve all been through it was just great to be able to see friends and colleagues again after so long, and meet loads of new ones too, and that in itself was more than worth it.

Tim understood my client's requirements and did not hesitate to offer some demo options in various styles to make sure everything was on the right lines.

Good work, Tim. I'm sure I'll be using your voiceover services again.

Rik Watson, Creative Audio Producer

I have worked with Tim a number of times now and have found him to be extremely reliable. Firstly, his studio sound is top notch and most importantly he can deliver the read you want. Versatile, meaningful, credible.

John Calvert, Award Winning Commercial Producer

As a producer you don’t just need a voice actor who can read a script; you need someone who can communicate naturally and who brings something new to the party. Tim is just such a guy. Highly recommended.

Matt Hopper, Creative Director and Co-founder - Trisonic

Working with Tim was great. He listened to direction and his vocals worked very well with the products he was advertising. Tim also sent the audio back in very good time so his customer service was top notch. Would highly recommend.

Toby Huggins, Senior Producer - KVH Studios

Tim has a great ear for accents. Took my voice-direction well and he was able to bring to life a fully rounded character just with his voice.

It was a pleasure to work with him.

Keith Lindsay, Senior Producer - JMS Group Limited

Having Tim as one of our preferred voices is a breath of fresh air, different from the norm, original and genuine as well as versatile and directable. I would highly recommend Tim to any production.

Julian (Doc) Sharp, Director - Radio Jingles

Tim is a great guy and very professional. He always returns work to a very high standard with a very quick turnaround. He’s very talented and a pleasure to work with.

James Summers, Head of Presentation - Imagesound

Tim has produced some great voice over work for us here at Crosscut for a number of projects. Always delivers quickly and to a high standard! 

Dan Flanders, Director - Crosscut Media Limited

Professional, friendly and incredibly easy to direct. After just one read of the script, Tim knew what style and sound we were going for and he delivered exactly that!

Jordan McKay, Creative Producer - Bauer Create

Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with! His tone and delivery were perfect for the scene we were trying to capture and he took direction well; looking forward to working with him again! 

Katia Greene, VO Casting & Direction - Next LLC

Very talented and very cool- a real pro!

Adders Jeffrey, Owner of LBS Manchester Ltd

Tim recorded a great Jamaican accent for our security awareness training video and was very easy to work with.

Roy B Cohn, Chief Creative Officer - CCG

Tim has a superb voice full of character, he’s also a joy to work with in live sessions and takes direction really well.

Simon Vause, Co Founder - Vaudio Audio

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