Hire An African British Male Corporate Voiceover

Corporate voiceover is some of the most in-demand voice work that I offer.

From my early voiceover days in radio, I’ve gone on to be the voice of the world’s largest companies and organisations in the world. 

From international institutions like the United Nations to globe spanning brands like Emirates – my natural and conversational voice is trusted by corporates and customers alike to be the bridge that connects everyone wherever they are in the world.

When you hire me as your voiceover, you get an authentic and trustworthy African British Male voice to deliver your message with care and compassion.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Corporate Voiceover?

Corporate voiceover has become easier than ever to hire for, due to the ability to work directly with voice talent rather than through agencies like in the past.

I am always getting enquiries through from corporates who need a reliable voice artist to spread their message and deliver high quality audio at the drop of a hat.

One of the big cost savers of working directly with a professional corporate voiceover artist is that you will also gain access to their home studio, which allows corporate voiceovers to produce work much faster.

With no waiting lists or closing times for their own studios, a corporate voiceover like myself can jump in the booth and record your script within hours. I can even handle any of the post-production and editing for your corporate script, so that you receive clean audio that is ready to use right away.

I love to make hiring a male corporate voiceover like myself, easier than ever.

Usually the only information I require from a corporate client that I work with regularly is simply to send me their script, the length of time it’ll take and where it’s going to be used.

Once I know all of these details, I can very quickly put together a quote for how much it will cost to hire a corporate voiceover, and then can quickly get working on the script.

However, there are some extra elements to working with a corporate voiceover and one of these really important details has already been mentioned above.

Before a you can hire a corporate voiceover, you have to learn about how usage works when you work with a corporate voiceover.

Along with usage, one of the other important factors in how much it costs to hire a corporate voiceover, is taking the Basic Studio Fee (or BSF as we’ll call it) into account.

The BSF is the fee to hire a corporate voiceover’s studio for an hour to record your script. In effect, it covers the day-to-day cost that voiceovers run into when maintaining and upgrading their studios, beyond simply providing corporate voice work.

This is precisely why it’s so important to hire a corporate voiceover who delivers work quickly, because the quicker a corporate voiceover works, the less it will cost you, the client.

Now that we’ve covered BSF, let’s get back to that Usage which I mentioned earlier, as that is the second most important factor which dictates the cost of hiring a corporate voiceover artist.

In short, when you buy corporate voiceover for your business, you are purchasing a license to use their voice work for a particular purpose.

This usage can be based on the amount of time you wish their recordings for, a standard time being 12 months to cover your financial year.

Alternatively, you may also need to explain where your corporate voiceover will be broadcast.

Wil it be only used as part of an internal resource?

Will it be part of a larger advertising campaign?

All of these aspects matter when it comes to determining the cost of corporate voiceover work.

However, as your friendly new corporate voice, I’m always happy to explain every aspect of hiring a corporate voiceover and make sure that you get the most from every corporate project.

I’d love to hear from you and work with you to make hiring a corporate male voiceover for your business simple and stress-free. Just drop me a message with all the core details about your corporate voiceover project and I’ll get right back to you.

What is Corporate Voiceover & What Is It For?

Using a corporate voiceover can boost your brand identity and increase your sales. That’s the long and short of it.

But why is using a corporate voice on your business content such a powerful motivator within your business.

One of the first key reasons is that a corporate voice with a global reach can help you translate and voice your content across multiple territories, helping you expand into new markets without the need to outsource your work to a seperate marketing or PR firm.

A corporate voiceover already has the technical knowledge to take your business media and utilise it across dozens of territories.

My speciality lies across both the British and African markets, allowing me to help you enter either Western markets of the United States and UK, or expand into Africa which is one of the fastest growing commercial markets in the world.

A corporate voice can have dozens of uses within your business. 

A corporate voiceover can add more depth to your internal training, external sales media, your commercials, social media content or even internal company announcements.

It’s also been shown that using a corporate voiceover for your internal comms can improve employee morale and create a strong emotional connection with your company, as your employees feel they are part of a unified community which takes the time to properly engage with its employees’ training and work time quality,.

A corporate voiceover allows you to give your business a singular voice to spread your message more clearly both within and outside your company. Having a corporate voiceover on hand who intimately understands your business is the perfect tool to reliably share your brand’s history, as well as educate your target audience about your policies, products, and services.

Think of it as a one-man extension to all your departments, pulling together your marketing, HR and PR; to help them spread your business’ message.

So why does your business need a corporate voiceover?

Well if you are the owner of a company, then you’ll know that eventually you’ll have to produce some piece of media eventually. Whether that’s for advertising or even an internal e-learning process for your employees; the amount of media a modern day company needs to create is simply staggering compared to even just a decade ago.

It may be tempting to create this corporate media by yourself, but are you sure that your employees really have the time or the skill to produce high quality media with high quality sounding audio.

A corporate voiceover will already have the tech required to produce amazing sounding audio, as any voiceover worth their salt has a home studio that is packed with state-of-the-art audio equipment which can produce commercial studio quality sound, and deliver it to you without you having to book out your own studio.

If your corporate media isn’t to the highest quality, then any modern audience will recognise it immediately. Modern audiences watch high quality media constantly, so falling behind will only reflect badly on your business and hurt your branding.

With a singular corporate voiceover on your books, it’s never been easier to have an expert on call who can freshen up your existing media or produce entire new commercials and internal resources that will improve your business’ reach around the world.

And of course, if you’re now hungry for an independent voice to help you produce amazing corporate voiceover, then I’m ready to talk with you about it right now!

Tim understood my client's requirements and did not hesitate to offer some demo options in various styles to make sure everything was on the right lines.

Good work, Tim. I'm sure I'll be using your voiceover services again.

Rik Watson

Creative Audio Producer

I have worked with Tim a number of times now and have found him to be extremely reliable.

Firstly, his studio sound is top notch and most importantly he can deliver the read you want.

Versatile, meaningful, credible.

John Calvert

Award Winning Commercial Producer

As a producer you don’t just need a voice actor who can read a script; you need someone who can communicate naturally and who brings something new to the party.

Tim is just such a guy. Highly recommended.

Matt Hopper

Creative Director and Co-founder - Trisonic

Working with Tim was great. He listened to direction and his vocals worked very well with the products he was advertising.

Tim also sent the audio back in very good time so his customer service was top notch. Would highly recommend.

Toby Huggins

Senior Producer - KVH Studios

Tim has a great ear for accents. Took my voice-direction well and he was able to bring to life a fully rounded character just with his voice.

It was a pleasure to work with him.

Keith Lindsay

Senior Producer - JMS Group Limited

Having Tim as one of our preferred voices is a breath of fresh air, different from the norm, original and genuine as well as versatile and directable.

I would highly recommend Tim to any production.

Julian (Doc) Sharp

Director - Radio Jingles

Tim is a great guy and very professional. He always returns work to a very high standard with a very quick turnaround.

He’s very talented and a pleasure to work with.

James Summers

Head of Presentation - Imagesound

Tim has produced some great voice over work for us here at Crosscut for a number of projects.

Always delivers quickly and to a high standard!

Dan Flanders

Director - Crosscut Media Limited

Professional, friendly and incredibly easy to direct.

After just one read of the script, Tim knew what style and sound we were going for and he delivered exactly that!

Jordan McKay

Creative Producer - Bauer Create

Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with!

His tone and delivery were perfect for the scene we were trying to capture and he took direction well; looking forward to working with him again!

Katia Greene

VO Casting & Direction - Next LLC

Very talented and very cool!

A real pro!

Adders Jeffrey

Owner of LBS Manchester Ltd

Tim recorded a great Jamaican accent for our security awareness training video and was very easy to work with.

Roy B Cohn

Chief Creative Officer - CCG

Tim has a superb voice full of character, he’s also a joy to work with in live sessions and takes direction really well.

Simon Vause

Co Founder - Vaudio Audio

Tim Odofin's Happy Corporate Clients