Hire Tim Odofin As Your Male Explainer Video Voiceover

Some of my most frequent repeat work with my clients is from my explainer and whiteboard explainer videos, which says just about everything when it comes to my reliability and accuracy when working on explainer videos.

As a friendly and conversational voice, I’m the perfect voiceover for your explainer videos, where you need to keep your audience engaged with your service and truly understand the change that you can make to their life.

I’ve worked in nearly every sector there is, so my accuracy with delivering your explainer script is always high, as I always do additional research and work closely with my clients to ensure every word is said with accuracy, authority and authenticity.

Animated explainers and especially whiteboard explainer videos have become more popular than ever, so if you need a renowned voiceover artist for your whiteboard explainer video or narration video, then I’d love to hear more about you and how I can help!


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Why Tim Should Be
Your Explainer Voice

I’ve been cast for hundreds of whiteboard & explainer videos throughout my career, working with my clients for multiple years across numerous projects.

As a professional explainer voiceover artist, I can deliver your message in a credible, friendly and authentic way.

When you hire me as your explainer voiceover, you’ll ensure that your explainer videos are working to their peak to increase sales, click-through rates and drastically increase the amount of time that your audience is following every word of your service.

Whether you need to just hire a voiceover for your explainer video or any other whiteboard explainer project, then I’m here to make sure I can add you to my list of clients who never stop returning  for me to be their voice! 

Simply drop me an email with all your details, tell me more about your explainer video project and send over the script if you have one available. I’ll be sure to get right back in touch and tell you more about explainer video voiceover services.

How To Hire A Voiceover For Explainer Videos

Look through YouTube or any website for even a few minutes and you’ll see that explainer videos, animated explainer video and whiteboard explainer videos are basically everywhere.

One of the most popular uses for an explainer video is for online marketing. To reach the widest audience possible, you have to make sure that your explainer videos are compact, easy to follow and most importantly… interesting for your viewers!

Hiring a professional voice artist for your explainer videos is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

For high budget and highly important explainer videos, hiring an explainer video voiceover is the best approach, as you can ensure that your explainer videos will sound amazing and be at the highest production values for your audience.

Luckily it’s easier than ever to hire high quality voiceover for your explainer videos. In fact, you’re already in the right place!

Tim understood my client's requirements and did not hesitate to offer some demo options in various styles to make sure everything was on the right lines.

Good work, Tim. I'm sure I'll be using your voiceover services again.

Rik Watson

Creative Audio Producer

I have worked with Tim a number of times now and have found him to be extremely reliable.

Firstly, his studio sound is top notch and most importantly he can deliver the read you want.

Versatile, meaningful, credible.

John Calvert

Award Winning Commercial Producer

As a producer you don’t just need a voice actor who can read a script; you need someone who can communicate naturally and who brings something new to the party.

Tim is just such a guy. Highly recommended.

Matt Hopper

Creative Director and Co-founder - Trisonic

Working with Tim was great. He listened to direction and his vocals worked very well with the products he was advertising.

Tim also sent the audio back in very good time so his customer service was top notch. Would highly recommend.

Toby Huggins

Senior Producer - KVH Studios

Tim has a great ear for accents. Took my voice-direction well and he was able to bring to life a fully rounded character just with his voice.

It was a pleasure to work with him.

Keith Lindsay

Senior Producer - JMS Group Limited

Having Tim as one of our preferred voices is a breath of fresh air, different from the norm, original and genuine as well as versatile and directable.

I would highly recommend Tim to any production.

Julian (Doc) Sharp

Director - Radio Jingles

Tim is a great guy and very professional. He always returns work to a very high standard with a very quick turnaround.

He’s very talented and a pleasure to work with.

James Summers

Head of Presentation - Imagesound

Tim has produced some great voice over work for us here at Crosscut for a number of projects.

Always delivers quickly and to a high standard!

Dan Flanders

Director - Crosscut Media Limited

Professional, friendly and incredibly easy to direct.

After just one read of the script, Tim knew what style and sound we were going for and he delivered exactly that!

Jordan McKay

Creative Producer - Bauer Create

Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with!

His tone and delivery were perfect for the scene we were trying to capture and he took direction well; looking forward to working with him again!

Katia Greene

VO Casting & Direction - Next LLC

Very talented and very cool!

A real pro!

Adders Jeffrey

Owner of LBS Manchester Ltd

Tim recorded a great Jamaican accent for our security awareness training video and was very easy to work with.

Roy B Cohn

Chief Creative Officer - CCG

Tim has a superb voice full of character, he’s also a joy to work with in live sessions and takes direction really well.

Simon Vause

Co Founder - Vaudio Audio

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