The Robots Are Coming For Our Jobs….or are they?!?

There has been some concern for a number years about the changing nature of work. Will robots eventually replace us all? Will we all be made redundant?


These questions could give plenty of food for thought, but the answer in my opinion is….Never!!


And I say that because we need to first of all understand the meaning of the word redundant. The dictionary defines it as no longer needed or useful”.


So that solves the issue then, as from the very meaning of the word we can understand that you and I could never be redundant. And that’s because we are living and breathing, and as such will always be useful to someone and needed somewhere.


I often hear people say “I was made redundant”, no my friend! Your position at that company was made redundant. You yourself are still very much useful.


In voiceover land the robots are at work already in the form of text to speech, synthetic voices, AI and a load of other applications. We’ve all heard them when we call our GP, the bank, use the sat nav in our cars, or even in homes that have alexas.  


Some of these automated voices sound terrible, others are half decent, and some are quite good. But, they are not the real thing!


And that there is the key, the robots might be able to do low budget interactive voice response work and some forms of simple narration, but the higher end of the market for commercials and animation……no chance! That type of work needs a human being as there are emotions, nuances, and performance that a robot simply cannot do. The robots will no doubt get better as time goes on, but then again so will we.


A couple of years ago I voiced a TV commercial for Indeed (the employment website) which spoke about just that. The script read:


So work is changing

We’re told the robots are coming for our jobs. 

That the algorithms will replace us. 

But we are resilient 

Born to adapt 

Wired to learn 

Sure change is coming 

But we will find opportunity 


And that there is the crux of the matter! No matter how good the robot is, an AI voice will never be as good as you and me. 


So, the robots may be coming but when they eventually do get here … I think they’ll find us quite hard to beat.

Tim understood my client's requirements and did not hesitate to offer some demo options in various styles to make sure everything was on the right lines.

Good work, Tim. I'm sure I'll be using your voiceover services again.

Rik Watson, Creative Audio Producer

I have worked with Tim a number of times now and have found him to be extremely reliable. Firstly, his studio sound is top notch and most importantly he can deliver the read you want. Versatile, meaningful, credible.

John Calvert, Award Winning Commercial Producer

As a producer you don’t just need a voice actor who can read a script; you need someone who can communicate naturally and who brings something new to the party. Tim is just such a guy. Highly recommended.

Matt Hopper, Creative Director and Co-founder - Trisonic

Working with Tim was great. He listened to direction and his vocals worked very well with the products he was advertising. Tim also sent the audio back in very good time so his customer service was top notch. Would highly recommend.

Toby Huggins, Senior Producer - KVH Studios

Tim has a great ear for accents. Took my voice-direction well and he was able to bring to life a fully rounded character just with his voice.

It was a pleasure to work with him.

Keith Lindsay, Senior Producer - JMS Group Limited

Having Tim as one of our preferred voices is a breath of fresh air, different from the norm, original and genuine as well as versatile and directable. I would highly recommend Tim to any production.

Julian (Doc) Sharp, Director - Radio Jingles

Tim is a great guy and very professional. He always returns work to a very high standard with a very quick turnaround. He’s very talented and a pleasure to work with.

James Summers, Head of Presentation - Imagesound

Tim has produced some great voice over work for us here at Crosscut for a number of projects. Always delivers quickly and to a high standard! 

Dan Flanders, Director - Crosscut Media Limited

Professional, friendly and incredibly easy to direct. After just one read of the script, Tim knew what style and sound we were going for and he delivered exactly that!

Jordan McKay, Creative Producer - Bauer Create

Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with! His tone and delivery were perfect for the scene we were trying to capture and he took direction well; looking forward to working with him again! 

Katia Greene, VO Casting & Direction - Next LLC

Very talented and very cool- a real pro!

Adders Jeffrey, Owner of LBS Manchester Ltd

Tim recorded a great Jamaican accent for our security awareness training video and was very easy to work with.

Roy B Cohn, Chief Creative Officer - CCG

Tim has a superb voice full of character, he’s also a joy to work with in live sessions and takes direction really well.

Simon Vause, Co Founder - Vaudio Audio

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